Angélique's corrected text

Homes for a sale for….
dated from five August =} dated from the fifth of August
It talk about =} It is about
the municipality can attract people to become in this to come to this village and can become properties =} **can become property owners
because there is not **no
work in this village and not around village also =} and there is none around the village **either
buyers should agree to make works of renovating =} should agree to do some renovation work
it is the most longer also =} **it is the longest also
ou plutôt it is the most time consuming also
it's for that =} that's why
it's better to make made big works by professional =} it's better to have a major part of the work carried out by….
& made other works =} & do the other work yourself
another reason to become in this village =} another reason to come to this village
people who already lived here =} who already live here can help you with works =} help you with work
that's offered =} that offers a better way of life
I thinks it's….=} I think it's..
and becomes properties for a lowest cost =} and to become property owners for a lower cost
I helped my parents to renovating =} I helped my parents to renovate 3 ….

Comments - interesting, quite well structured but there are much too many mistakes!

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