Appolline's corrected text

It was dating on October =} It is dated October 2013 |||
grants of the association represents 95,000 =} The grants from the government-appointed body represent 95,000 |||
The goal of the help of association is to home become efficiency =} The goal of the government-appointed body is to make homes become more energy efficient by offering grants |||
It exists different categories of insulation =} Different categories of insulation exist
The lauch date of this programme for homes isn't????? =} I can't understand the last word of this sentence ! |||
To pay for this programme the Agence |||
When the programme will done the energy consumption of home will be 30% =} When the programme is adopted the energy consumption of the home will be 30%

Comment - Too short, some important information is missing, and there are quite a few mistakes.
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