Aurélie's corrected text

one hundred three thousand and fifty euros grants =} one thousand three hundred and fifty euro grants |||
published by the Connexion October in 2013 =} …Connexion in October, 2013 |||
this article deals grants give by government =} this article deals with grants given by the government |||
In the 1st part I focus about why insulate your house.. =} In the 1st part I will on why people should insulate their houses |||
In the 2nd part I analyse the results of political =} I will analyse and I can't understand the last part of the sentence "the results of political"! |||
thanks to ninety-five hundreds euros grants =} thanks to ninety-five thousand grants |||
Attention - putting a "h" in front of vowels : "howners" =} owners |||
"It's more expensive for owners - they added prices of insulation to save 13% on energy consumption" =} meaning? (this text is very confused) |||
"it's more important for political energy & planet great again but owners pay plus to buy" =} meaning? (this text is very confused) |||
"the rec???? of politicals were consequent for" =} meaning? (this text is very confused) |||
Attention - pronunciation of certain words : "while isolating" walls… & "installing" & "double-glazing" |||
government encourage on specifies politic while using the 'Crédit….credit' =} government encourages this insulation with specified plans called the 'Crédit….credit' |||
More & more owners used grants but criteria exist =} More & more owners use the grants but….. |||
& there is a big problem : everybody were concerning/ was concerned about ecology =} everybody is concerned about the ecology
the role of notary was necessary. It's inform a future buyer to… =} the role of a notary is to inform a future buyer to…. |||

Comment : Your presentation is a little confused. Moreover, there are a few sentences which have no meaning (due to the number of mistakes) & there is no conclusion !
Your mark 9/20

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