Charline's corrected text

One thousand three hundred and fifty euros grants to …. =} One thousand three hundred and fifty euros grants to …. |||
is dated of October 2013=} is dated October |||
it deal with grants =} it deals with grants… |||
which was give to the population for insulate their home =} which was given to the population to insulate their homes |||
House owners must be able to beneficiate of €1,350 for improve =} benefit from €1,350 to improve the… |||
Attention - pronunciation of certain words : "available" |||
limited to households with earning below =} with earnings below…. |||
thirty-five thousand million euro =} one hundred & thirty-five million euros |||
work must be done by professional society =} work must be done by professionals OR by professional people |||
your property must have more than 2 years old =} your property must be more than 2 years old… |||
plus 400 for each dependent and it haven't interest =} I can't understand the last part of this sentence |||
for a family who cannot make insulate alone =} who cannot carry out the insulation by themeselves |||
it's important for ecology =} for the ecology |||
Effectively roof insulate cuts energy…. =} roof insulation cuts energy… |||
Pronunciation =} "for double-glaced " =} double-glazed |||

Comment - quite good but there are quite a number of "small" mistakes
Your mark 14/20

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