Coline's text correction

which was writen =} which was written |||
this text speak about insulate of home =} this text is about the insulation of homes |||
my first part is entitle the context =} my first part is entitled** the context |||
1,350 grants— =} 1,350 pounds in grants |||
property owners which don't have a lot of….=} property owners who don't have…
double glacing =} double-glazing |||
this haid doesn't concern every owners =} this aid doesn't concern every owners |||
properties must to have 2 years old =} properties must be 2 years old..
shame =} scheme ! |||
ATTENTION - pronunciation of the sentence it is thought to be soon |||
wil check that the work have made correctly =} will check that the work will have been done correctly |||
the benefits of the insulate of home— =} the benefits of the insulation of homes |||

Comment : ok but there is no conclusion & too many mistakes !
Your mark : 11/20

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