description of business woman juggling between work and family

Here is the description of the business woman juggling between work and family :
We have here a picture in black and white in which there is a woman standing in the kitchen and preparing her daily tasks.
Indeed, she is juggling with 2 babies ( twins), a mobile phone and a laptop. She seems very happy because she’s smiling.
In front of the lady, we can see an agenda which is open and this probably shows her schedule for the day. We can also notice an empty cup or bowl which means that she didn’t have breakfast, probably only a coffee or a hot chocolate and that’s all..
In the background, we can see a fitted kitchen where everything is very well organized. In fact everything seems to be absolutely spotless. There is a bowl of fruit, kitchen utensils, kitchen equipment, even a coffee maker and everything is very well arranged.
Therefore, we can say that this lady seems to have full control over her personal life or her professional life.
We can safely say that this lady has probably an executive job going by the way she is dressed. Indeed, she is wearing a jacket, a blouse, and a skirt and this outfit corresponds to the way some business women are dressed. She represents the model working woman who has to deal with a lot of tasks, both private and professional, and she seems to be doing a very good job of it.

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