Doreen's 2nd text correction

I will you present text name I will introduce the text by giving you the name of the text
one thousand two thousand and fifty euros ???? One thousand three hundred and fifty euros !!
it was it is an article published in Oct….
I will present what it the grants I will present what grants are
I will talk about the role of the government when it comes to grants
I will explain which grants are ??????? - I can't understand the last words of this sentence
I will talk about the definition of grants
ATTENTION pronunciation financial help to permit at different persons people to fight against the insulate home =} mal dit =} to help them insulate their homes
They are exist because they exist because the government has a role to play
In fact he gives it will give in 2050 95,000 euros at grants in 2015 95,000 grants (not euros)! for alsoldier????? =} **I cant understand this word!
but today he want limited the grants it wants to limit the number of grants to **at €35,000 euros per years year
the government have has a role
who which permits to people to have money

Comments - the structure/organisation of your presentation was good but there are much too many mistakes which is why your mark is not very good !

Your mark = 8/20

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