Doreen's 3rd text correction

I will you present a text entilt I will present you with a text entitled
it was published on the 28th of June
Today a lot of people divorced =} a lot of people divorce
and without pay =} without paying all…..
so it was create an application to =} **so an application was created to

it can help people who didn't have the money =} who don't have the money
to know how much costs a divorce =} to know how much a divorce costs
people with this application know documents to give at lawyer office =} people with this application **know what documents they have to give to the lawyer
In Canadian's law =} In Canadian law
These applications are not to be very successful in the legal community =} These applications have not been very successful in..

Comments - ok but there are quite a lot of mistakes

Your mark = 10/20

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