Emmanuelle's 2nd text correction

You took too long to say "€1,350"
this text explains that grants had set up grants which had been set up by the government
to improve the energy efficience efficiency of their property
the government provides a one hundred and thirty-five million euro fund for this…
too many hestitations when saying "95,000 grants" …..
95,000 grants will be able available for……
maybe it will be a good idea to according to accord this aid for…
homeowners who have limited resource resources
only properties more than 2 years could benefit that this aid properties which are more than 2 years old could benefit from this aid
the aid according by the the aid accorded by the….

Comments - the structure/organisation of your presentation was good and the quality of your English was ok despite a large number of "small mistakes"

Your mark = 12/20

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