Emmanuelle's text correction

I'm gonna be present a text going to be presenting a text…. It does no matter of your age…. It doesn't matter about your age… The wedding is a veritable and serious business the wedding is a real serious business… I thinks weddings must be represent respresented…. of the two persons….for me a wedding gonna be valid forever..a wedding should be valid forever….He can delive to you He can give you so much advices…taking into account of your situation…You can get married with a tradition traditional ceremony… you can have a lot of opportunityopportunities as "say the author hits your way you were" I can't understand the last sentence !…. Each person can celebrate it the way he wants..
! Be careful with the pronunciation of some words like "written", "author"

Also, be careful not to put a "h" before your vowels, for example "Heverybody", "Hevery country", hidentity"

Your mark 7/10 (which is, in fact, the number of +s you will have for your text)

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