Héloïse's corrected text

The text entitle =} The text IS ENTITLED |||
to improve the energy efficience =} energy efficiency |||
grant is given over the house by the government=} grants are given to the owners of a house by the government |||
Fonds de Soutien à la Rénovation Energétique is a ?????? 19,000 grants =} I can't understand the word after "is a" ???? & it's 95,000 (not 19,000 ! |||
For the house holder =} for the house owner |||
grants are limited to household with energe below nineteen five fave =} too many mistakes to be corrected ! |||
property or help a certain level of resource insulation— =} meaning? |||
or the solution one insulation upgrading the work of is to cover to the above category and president worker =} meaning? |||
the date of the house of the shain isn't said to be soon =} meaning? |||
grants are financially by =} grants are financed by |||
Pronunciation of the word couple |||
four under four euros it dependent =} meaning? |||
that is interessant is PTZ =} what is interesting is PTZ |||
To insulate dimune energy consommation installing doube glaze windows and door =} To insulate and to reduce energy consumption by installing double-glazed windows and doors |||
can save 13% or energy consumption =} 13% of energy… |||

Comment - I can't understand a lot of your text because there are too many mistakes !
Your mark 06/20

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