Maëliss' corrected text

This -tickst— is entitle =} text is entitled |||
It's written by the Connexion =} It was published in in the Connexion |||
It's about energy insulate =} It's about energy insulation |||
The owners will insulate their house they can to claim help =} The owners who want to insulate their house can get help |||
This grants it's sells by government & it's permit to do insulate roof or other =} These grants are offered by the government & they allow people to insulate roofs or other things like the walls |||
The 'fonds de soutien à la rénovation énergétique' has get financially help =} The fonds de soutien à la rénovation énergétique' offers financial help |||
a total 95,000 grants were done =} A total of 95,000 grants were given in 2015 |||
There are a lot of grants so it's better ?????? this help =} I can't understand the word "???" in this sentence |||
The owners can be ???? 35,000 euros necessary =} very confused. I can't understand the word "???" in this sentence |||
It's necessary that insulation work have been done by professionals =} It's necessary for the insulation work to be done by professionals. |||
This help only concerns the principal home and if she has less 2 years =} This help only concerns the owner's principal residence and applies only if it is more than 2 years old
if the insulate work =} if the insulation work |||
Also the agence paid insulate work =} confused |||
Maybe the owners can use… pay insulate work =} to pay for insulation work |||
Finally with this insulate work the owners win 30% on their electricity bill=} with this insulation work the owners save 30% on their…. |||
Attention - pronunciation of the word 'double-glazed' (not double-glased ) |||
To conclude, the govenment do prime for owners =} To conclude, the govenment offers grants to owners… |||
with this renovation the owners win on their electricity bill =} the owners save on their electricity bill ||

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