Maëlys' text correction

this document is an ark and speak a one hours and thirteen hundred??????? grants is an article that is entitled one thousand three hundred pounds of grants to insolate your home "of ?????" I can't understand the last 2 words written (& not writen) in journalise written by a journalist
this artic article is a site web is taken from a website
2013 = two thousand and thirteen not two thousand and thirty !
I speak first consumption for ??? **I'll speak firstly about the consumption of ???
I can't understand the last word of this sentence!
1) Consumptions for ??? the energy
with 95 thousand grants (not "95 millions"!) will be available for us ??????? utile? I can't understand this sentence!
Attention with the pronunciation of certain words like "defined"
that the grants would be limited below 35 milles ?? 35 thousand
only the property only **properties
of more than 2 years old and which we ??????? residence I can't understand the last part of this sentence!
which has a ceiling of 8 milles 8 thousand euros for a couple

Comments - the structure/organisation of your presentation was okay but there are much too many mistakes which is why your mark is not very good !

Your mark = 7/20

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