Marie O's corrected text

This take is entitled one thundred thousand of fifty euros =} This text is entitled one thousand three hundred and fifty euros |||
This text talks about the grants to insulate in the how the energy performance =} This text is about the grantys to insulate the house to increase energy performance |||
Attention - the pronunciation of certain words, example criteria & fund ( not 'found' ! ), established ( not 'etablished' ) |||
this grants =} these grants |||
this will only be for households that less than 35,000 criteria =} who earn less than 35,000 euros ! |||
this aid was applicate only for the property more 2 years and the same main residence =} This ais only applies to property more than 2 years old & it has to be the person's main residence |||
can be used for a couple 8,000 and for a dependence, 400 =} which can offer €8,000 euro to a couple & €400 euros to a dépendent |||
it's benefic =} it's benenficial |||
they are not interests for property =} there is no interest applied to loans ! |||

this work for the insulate permit to economize 30% for energy consumption =} this work involving the insulation of property permits to save 13% on energy consumption |||
and when you interlist double-glazed you can save.. =} and when you install double-glazing you can save.. |||

Comment - There are too many mistake & no conclusion
Your mark 10/20

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