Marlène's corrected text

governments grants to…. =} government grants to …. |||
the best way to analysing this document =} the best way to analyse this document |||
In a first part, For who will have this grants ?=} Who will have/get these grants ? |||
In a second part, for what? = } In a second part, for what reason? OR In a second part, why? |||
A grants represents one thousand thirty-five millions euros totally set up by the governments =} A grant represents one thousand three hundred and fifty euros totally financed by the government |||
€1,350 =} €1,350 ! |||
conditions to have this grants =} these grants |||
You have to be owners of your house since 2 years at least =} You have to be the owner of your house for 2 years… |||
and this grants are for 2 owners main residence =} and these grants are for the owner's main residence |||
to households with earnings below €35,000 for a years =} with earnings below €35,000 a year |||
Pronunciation of the word fitters |||
this insulation will be covered : roof insulation, wall….. =} the following insulation will be covered :…. |||
but the insulation will be covered just 2 of the above… =} but just 2 of the above categories will be covered |||
if you insulate your roof it could be energy consumption by 30% =} if you insulate your roof, it could save up to 30% of energy |||
if you insulate walls & flowers =} walls & floors |||
Consequences, if you =} The consquences are that if you |||
Pronunciation of the word idea (not id)

Comment : ok/good, well structured, even if there are quite a few mistakes !
Your mark 12/20

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