Marvin's text correction

The -tec— text deals with…. about weddings in Las vegas… This text is an expert an extract or an excerpt from… In the 1st 3 paragraphs…In the text -it's remind us— the text reminds us that….. To be a couple with a person of to be in couple with a person of the opposite sex…. And sign up on a form sign up by filling in/signing a form…. the myth….is contradicted in the text…. & is faster to prepared and organized and organize….If one wants to get married in Las vegas, one best be sure to do it one must be sure that he wants to do it and not on a whim… This "article is up to us to choose" This article explains that it is up to us to choose (and I didn't understand the last 2 words ""by briton myth"?)

**! Be careful with the pronunciation of certain words, like "license"

Your mark 8/10 (which is, in fact, the number of +s you will have for your text)

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