Mathieu's corrected text

this document is entitle =} is entitled |||
this tex =} this text |||
this plan of text is at first the condition for give =} So in my first part, I will look at the conditions necessary to give… |||
at second part, it's the cause for the grants =} In my second part, I will study the causes for giving these grants |||
to beginning I speak =} To begin, I'll speak about…|||
However, they have conditions =} However, there are some conditions |||
the grants are ???? to householders and house who have energy efficiency =} I can't understand the word after grants are??? and the last part of the sentence is confused |||
only certain insulation works will be covered with professional fitters=} insulation work also the sentence is very confused ! |||
this grant help owners to =} this grant helps owners |||
should soon be able to claim help of up to 115 ???? =} where is "115" written in the text? |||
help owners who no have a level of resources and who ???? the criteria=} who don't have a certain level of resources and who and I can't understand the next part of this sentence !

Comment : rather confused ! there are too many mistakes, it's too short and there's no conclusion !

Your mark 7/20

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