Nadège's text correction

This text "become ova a?" business marriage in Las Vegas. It's ???? myths… " I can't understand this first sentence!… and it was published on…. Then we will develop reasons why it's advantageous "for f?? this ?? love this??? choices??? **I can't understand this first sentence!… Marriage is has become less serious because -it's represent— it represents a business You must obtain a "list??" a license….We will see the advantages of marriage in Las Vegas. Weddings in Las Vegas "were a fortune??? the ??? crisis ????".. I can't understand this first sentence!20,000 is not 20 million !

Your mark 5/10 (which is, in fact, the number of +s you will have for your text)

Be careful with the pronunciation of some words, examples " spouse",

Don't forget to give a conclusion !

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