Thibaud's text correction

This text deals with a divorced app =} with a divorce app
an article…wrote by =} an article written by
a new company…has draw up =} has drawn up
Is it for stop the stress and.. =} It is to stop the stress and
the first application is called…
Be careful with the pronunciation of some words such as "hidden" (not "hiden"), or "clothes" (not "clothis")
the hidden cost of divorced =} the hidden cost of divorce
the cost of park =} the cost of parking during..
that also help to prepared all the documents they do have =} that also helpss people prepare all the documents they need to have
$9.99 nine point nine nine dollars =} nine dollars and ninety-nine cents
Is it chipper than lawyer but that didn't remove a lawyer =} It is cheaper than a lawyer but it doesn't let you go/do without a lawyer for the moment

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